Idk he left 3 years ago for cigarettes and never came back
by .your real name. February 19, 2019
Def. ~noun

The better parent.

The one that treats you like an equal and respects you. The one that provides moral guidance and teaches you about life. The one that co-conspires about hiding broken stuff from Mum. He protects and cares and makes you laugh but calls you ridiculous nicknames.
Dad: Pig! Get over here!

Kid: Don't call me that in front of my friends!

Dad: Well don't be a pig then!
by Kidlet July 21, 2009
A man who works to support you and doesn't take your crap when he doesn't get anything in return.
That's my dad foo
by iamafrickindad August 24, 2009
The replacement name for "bro" to call your best friend of whom you have a fatherly bond.
Guy number 1: "Holy shit, Dad! That was the best trick mcthing I've ever seen!"

Guy number 2: "Thanks, son."
by EspritDC August 30, 2011
Someone who would leave to go get milk but has been gone for 27 years
by Axo6969hm September 22, 2019
My "dad" went to the store 16 years ago and hasn't come back.
by Disappointment to my family January 16, 2017
Your girl friend calls you dad because you are going to leave her as fast as your dad did
Girl; hey daddy, where are you
by Magnum dong125 June 20, 2019