The guy who is always handy and will protect you no matter what. He is kind and caring, but tough enough to kill anyone who is messing with his daughter! And the guy who shall intimidate my first boyfriend....
"I will hunt you down if you hurt my daughter." -My Dad in the future.
by Unicorn01 January 15, 2014
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Word used to describe the repeated shits that you get the day after an evening of drinking to excess.

Stands for: Day After Drinking Shits

May also come with a delayed hangover or could creep upon you later in the day as delayed DADS.

Joe: "Hey Casey? Wanna come out boating with us?"

Casey: "No, I better not. I drank an ass load of all kinds of stuff last night, and I don't want to keep docking to run to the restroom. I've the DADS really bad dude."
by all4us August 19, 2009
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Having the major shits after a night out at the bar, otherwise known as the "Day After Drinking Shits". Usually used by college girls and guys who nonchalantly want to let their friends know that they're really feeling the hangover the morning after, just not their usually hangover.
Kayla: Holy crap you guys, what happened last night?
Allie: I'm not sure but it must have been fun cause I totally have dads.
by Alladee March 21, 2015
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the guy who treats you like his own. the one who, teaches you how to ride a bike. the one who is there for you no matter what. the one who wants his little girl to grow up happy. the one who you can go to. the one who, when you start to date guys, gets all super protective. the guy that loves you unconditionally. even when you mess up every once in a while no matter how big the mess up was.
person one: is that your father?
person two: no, thats my DAD(;
person one: whats the dif??
person two: how bout you go look it up on urban dictionary?!
by awed1 March 04, 2009
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Just try to win an argument with him. Then tell me the results when you're not grounded anymore.

Son: "But dad, I-"

by True Storyz June 12, 2010
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