A person who leaves to "get milk" and never returns.
Person 1: "She was being totally clingy, so I just pulled a Dad and got outta there."
Person 2: "Wow, harsh."
by ghosttwat666 September 6, 2022
A father who his child can rely on. He hugs and jokes and treats his family with respect, caring for the child, making sure that they want to live and keep them from harm from others and their selves. He listens to his child, he cares for their interests and never laughs at their mistakes. He understands his child's dream and ambitions and would go out of his way to help them reach this. He never puts money at a higher importance, and knows that he cannot buy love.
Above all, he will not hurt his daughter.
Dad often gives hugs to their children
by Sonisphere December 29, 2011
Leaves you when you are young for either milk or cigarettes.
Dad! I haven’t seen you in ten years!
by Milo Crybaby May 6, 2020
My dad went to buy milk but never came back.
by macaronsuga October 18, 2020
The champion of hide-and-seek..... His car is playing too!!!! . You'll understand it in a minute
Where are you?

I'm gonna find you dad
by TFGTYgyfcygFTFjvgVG September 30, 2020
where are you?
It's been 10 years. The gas station is only a mile away. Please come back dad
by One Big Mistake April 29, 2019