1. To be pretend being something/someone you don't really are.

Like when someone acts diferent to someone, but in truth you're the complete opposite.

2. To hide yourself.
Ex 1:
-Bro, why you wear this dumb disguise?
-Shut up nigga...

Ex 2: Don't think I don't see you haters, I know you all in disguise...

- Only God Can Judge Me, Tupac.
by Quik3224 April 15, 2022
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One problem with disguises is that there are also such a thing as lookalikes. Expecting someone to stop what they're doing and make time to determine whether someone they know has disguised themself or whether they're working with a lookalike accomplice isn't a realistic expectation.
Not deceiving people is simple, just like being direct is simple. A disguise is someone trying desperately to throw someone off, if it is even them in disguise.
by Solid Mantis November 6, 2020
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To give yourself a different appearance to hide someone's/something's identity; to conceal your identity.
I disguised myself as a bush to hide from dolan.
This clown disguise will really fool my friends!
The DEA caught me red-handed as I was disguising my marijuana as discarded tree-clippings.
Mark disguised myself as 'V' (character from V for Vendetta) with a Guy Fawkes mask and tried to be a badass; it didn't go well...
by yummojammo49 October 28, 2013
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When a man pretends to be a woman.
On omegle.com

Stranger 1: M/F
Stranger 2: Dude you do know that the only females on here are dicks in disguise.
by joe coronado November 26, 2013
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A Twitch streamer known for being good at Hearthstone and Teamfight Tactics. Part of OfflineTV, an Asian streamer house.
Damn, isn't Disguised Toast thicc?
by OhTheTruthHurts August 31, 2019
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a problem that becomes a benefit or advantage
The rainstorm was a blessing in disguise. It stopped the fire.
by VAKI5 May 9, 2005
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When characters like ALF wore things like trenchcoats to hide their physical appearence.
Gay Liotta's club Slice has a lot of puppets in disguise.
by Jon Gulbuni May 25, 2010
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