not just related to you by blood, but someone who really ares about you and what you feel, very important to kids living with their moms
My DAD is the most understanding person in the world!
by backgroundgirl June 06, 2007
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The term means: "Dumb Ass Dog." This refers to a dog that is getting on a person's nerves and because you refer to him as a "D.A.D." rather than calling him a dumbass, it remains a unsuspected, preferential acronym of choice. This slang was created by Bluford and Yogi from the Big V.A.. Rest in peace my people.
Hey Yogi boy ( dachshund hound ), you are one motherf@$*^# big D.A.D.!!! Yea, Yea, Yea!!!
by Shaqueezle G. October 25, 2005
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after all that 211 i drank last night i woke up with the DADS.
by jnovakane February 08, 2005
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The guy who's on your ass 24/7 about grades, sports, what you do with your free time, drugs, alcohol, your behavior....etc and will never give you a break, or room to breath, he can also be pretty chill when he has vented all his rage on the rest of your family, he likes classic rock, talking about politics, he is never wrong and will argue until his face turns red to prove his point no matter how ridiculous it may be, he is either the best or the worst when he drinks, he is extremely controlling with what you do and how you manage your time, he does love you (well i mean he is your father right?) and after owning you he usually says its because he loves you (which is usually bullshit)overall you still love your dad even tho he may be a total asshole, and when u move away you will love him even more
Me: Dad is it alright if i got to Jess's party?

Dad: Hmmm I just got you report card, do you know you have a D in math this quarter?

Me: yes... (thinking FUCK)I'm sorry?

Dad: well you're gonna be sorry because from now on you're not doing shit until you learn to be responsible, you're in high school grow up...(getting more pissed) i know you stole two of my Bud Lights I'm adding two weeks to your punishment you're going to be an alcoholic some day

by DankChiefer3000 May 28, 2008
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Dad: I'll be back
Me: ok
Dad: Comes home after 13 years
by Reisewitz11 February 22, 2020
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