A term that was popular in the early 2000's and is an acronym for "designated ugly fat friend." In modern day, this term is only used by douches who can't keep up with current slang, and by stupid ass middle schoolers who think they are the shit because of the 2015 movie of the same title that attempted to resurrect the term and make it "cool."
Stupid Person 1: Why is that ugly bitch hanging out with those hot girls?
Stupid Person 2: She must be the DUFF.
by yoloswagturnupyoo February 27, 2015
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Designated Ugly Fat Friend
The DUFF isn't always ugly or fat, the DUFF is the least attractive friend ( They can still be pretty but not as pretty as the friends) in the group which makes the others look more attractive. The DUFF is the approachable friend in the group who gives intel about the more attractive friends.
"wow i didn't know they knew each other, why is she hanging out with them".
"She's their DUFF of course".
"Oh right yeah i see it".
by MusicDream April 3, 2015
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Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Doesn't necessarily have to be fat, or ugly, but is less attractive than the friends she/he hangs out with. Men/woman usually befriend a duff to get closer to his/her friends. A duff mainly gets used for info and or help, and is often lead on mistakenly or purposely. Do not allow the duff to realize who he/she is and why you are using them, because you will 100% lose them as a friend. If you even care.
Guy 1: "Hey see those hot chicks? Except that one, she's so the duff."
Guy 2: "Yah man? Let's try to be her friend, maybe get some info on her hot friends"
Guy 1: "let's do it!"
by That1DUFF October 4, 2015
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Designated, Ugly, Fat, Friend - this is a person in a friend group who is there to make everyone else look good.
girl 1: she doesn’t fit in with that friend group!
girl 2: yeah because she’s the duff!
by Thatsmarthighschoolgal November 24, 2019
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A different person, approachable,friendly , not defined by fashion and looks and takes little attention to their appearance. they really do not have to be fat and ugly, just different.
that duff makes me look so hot when we are together,her small booty makes mine look so big
by babylove_spongy June 3, 2015
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designated ugly fat friend.. everyone has one to make themselves appear more attractive.. mostly females.. gets on boyfriends nerves
girlfriend- "hey tony lets go to the movies tonight"
boyfriend- "ok cool"
girlfriend- "is it ok if kellie comes cuz she has no friends"
boyfriend- "no that fucking duff cant come"
by banana warrior March 29, 2009
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Dumb Ugly Fat Friend: Usually accompied by the attractive girl that you actually want to talk to.
That girl is so hot, but she has that Duff standing next to her.
by Cody August 23, 2004
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