marijuana that has already been run through a vaporizer at least once.
all i've got left to vaporize is some duff from last week, but we can still get pretty high.
by stoner June 18, 2006
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"Yo did you see Hilton duff Chino in the face"

"Chino is bleeding because he got duffed so hard"

"Some would should duff that kid, Chino, in the face"
by Douch B. September 27, 2007
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A brand of cool US Skate shoes.
Yo man, you see those dope Duff Roadrunners? Way Fresh!!
by PHIVOLCS March 24, 2004
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The unattractive girl that a hot girl keeps around to make herself and her friends look better. Stands for "Dumb Ugly Fat Friend". THe DUFF tends to be a cockblock or a third wheel. See also "Grenade".
Why do I always get stuck with the DUFF?
by G. Sherman August 11, 2003
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D.U.F.F stands for designated ugly fat friend
Kassie wants to feel good about herself so she has a D.U.F.F
by Nick November 22, 2004
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designated ugly fat friend.. everyone has one to make themselves appear more attractive.. mostly females.. gets on boyfriends nerves
girlfriend- "hey tony lets go to the movies tonight"
boyfriend- "ok cool"
girlfriend- "is it ok if kellie comes cuz she has no friends"
boyfriend- "no that fucking duff cant come"
by banana warrior March 28, 2009
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