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It means to be sexually attracted to intelligence above other qualities. In reality it's just a pretentious attempt at making yourself sound intellectual.
Normal Person: Hey that girl is cute! I'm gonna go talk to her.
Douchebag: Oh, her? I struggle to find her attractive because she is substantially less educated than I am. I'm not saying I'm too good for her, its just a fact: I'm sapiosexual.
by yoloswagturnupyoo September 30, 2015

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A term that was popular in the early 2000's and is an acronym for "designated ugly fat friend." In modern day, this term is only used by douches who can't keep up with current slang, and by stupid ass middle schoolers who think they are the shit because of the 2015 movie of the same title that attempted to resurrect the term and make it "cool."
Stupid Person 1: Why is that ugly bitch hanging out with those hot girls?
Stupid Person 2: She must be the DUFF.
by yoloswagturnupyoo February 27, 2015

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A Korean guy who is bright, clever and likable. He knows how to have fun despite being studious and kind of nerdy. He has lots of friends who are secretly jealous of but attracted to his ability to succeed at almost anything he tries to do. He is athletic and extremely attractive which garners him a lot of female attention and may falsely win him a reputation as a player. Your life will never be boring with Sunwoo in it.
I want my son to be successful in life.

You should name him Sunwoo.
by yoloswagturnupyoo June 18, 2014

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The term that is used by the characters to describe basically every average sexual encounter in every TV-14 show ever, because 1) it's vanilla enough to pass the ratings board 2) TV writers are bad at coming up with sex adjectives.

It actually just means "surpassing your expectations to the point where you aren't sure what to think."
Mary: So I heard you and Gary had sex. How was it?
Sue: Mind blowing! How was your sex with Stew?
Mary: Oh, the same as every night.
Sue: How's that?
Mary: Oh, just mind blowing.
by yoloswagturnupyoo April 05, 2015

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the name of the software system used to log in when an institution has multiple websites and shit. the example the you may have encountered is when you logged in to your university's web portal thing where you check your grades, and then you're also automatically logged in on whatever other university websites use that same name. hospitals and shit have them too
you: *types in password*
webpage: contacting shibboleth for login confirmation
shibboleth: *wheeze*
webpage: login failed
webpage: sign out confirmation tho???
by yoloswagturnupyoo May 24, 2019

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