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the Designated, Ugly, Fat, Friend. Everyone has one in their group of friends. shes the easiest person to talk to in the group, shes the one to go to when a guy needs to find out where the fit girl in the squad likes to eat out at.
by Trafford112 April 11, 2015
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When you are fucking a girl for the first time anally, you pull out too fast and the girl begins to shit uncontrollably.
Person 1: Dude OMG I heard you got with (girl's name) last night ..
Person 2: Yeah I'd rather not talk about it, it was a bad case of The Duff.
by The Duff Veteran November 08, 2010
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Designated Ugly Fat Friend. A book written by Kody Keplinger. Also a movie. Basically it's the person in a group of friends that is less popular than the rest, isn't as pretty/handsome, or they are a bit thicker than the rest. Sometimes it can be a freshman with a group of juniors or seniors. The Duff can be someone other people go to to get information on the Duff's hotter friends.
Emily = The Duff
Hot guy : Yo Emily!

Emily : *omg a hot guy is actually talking to me!!*
Hot guy : hey, do you know if your friend Hannah has a date to homecoming? I want to ask her to go with me.
by NWinchester April 23, 2016
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A person of great power and an ardent supporter and believer in Polygamy who enjoys the company of three or four women rather than one
Your man over there has 6 Putinis around his waist he’s doing The Duff
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by Pimp Daddy Mack October 04, 2018
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