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Having a distorted or altered state of consciousness as a result of drug use.

Occasionally it is spelled "Alter'd"
"Dude! *he-he* I am sooo000oooo0o fuggin' altered"
by Cody April 15, 2004
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Quik and spiced up way of sayin nigga... or homie.
What up nier.
by Cody February 13, 2004
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slang term for an older model, gigantic luxury car.
"Johnny thinks he's cool driving that crappy lead sled his granfather gave him."
by Cody January 11, 2005
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A great band who has a mix of metal and classic rock vocals from two different singers. Many compare them to Slipknot, although; they came before slipknot.
Slipknot, Mudvayne, Mushroom Head
by Cody January 4, 2005
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a blunt containing marijuana, lsd, and cocaine.
Holy shit ive never been so fucked up as when we smoked that jim jones
by Cody December 2, 2004
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Jizzam is the term for a particulary attractive female, this attraction must be younger and dressed "slutty".
(Girl walks by)
by Cody January 19, 2005
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1.)A sometimes insulting way of telling someone to go away, get lost, or leave you alone. Commonly acompanied by the word "junior".

2.) To uninsultingly instruct 1 or more people to leave.

Hit the bricks junior!

Three's a crowd, so hit the bricks.


Man, this party's stale. Let's hit the bricks.

I'll play one more, than I'm gonna hit the bricks.
by Cody May 23, 2004
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