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Hella used by many in Sacramento, people are under the impression that that is the way everybody talks everywhere else
Everyone uses the word Hella too much
by Cody April 21, 2005
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Penii, or a phallus.
jesus tits, man, my weeblo is HUGE.
by Cody February 10, 2004
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to be stoned and out of it
jon:dude u chiefed
tony:dude im chiefed ever day
by Cody May 8, 2005
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A Kraka is a person that listens to anything but mainstream music today, has democratic political views, and enjoy nature. Very universal too.
Hey, look at those krakas.

Wheres the hole, i gotta krake.
by Cody April 20, 2005
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strange creature of jurrisac era much like a mammoth, but with a pt badge for a left eye, characteristics include, making privateuffelupagus's do push ups for no reason other than personal pleasure, and eating cheese.
elmo comforted saxtonuffelupagus when he lost his dear friend mr. huggy, the stuffed brick of cheese he recieved from his late mother while a child.
by Cody May 22, 2004
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