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Designated,ugly,fat friend.

You don't necessarily have to be fat,or ugly to be one. the duff is considered a duff when he/shes significantly less attractive out of the group of friends they hang out with and both boys and girls can be one.
They are often used to get information about his/her friends.
1# "Damn, those girls are hot...well except for that one"
2#"yeah..maybe we can get some info on them from her?"
also shown in the movie"The Duff" if you need a visual example.
by Guade April 02, 2015
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Geoff pushed me so I duffed him in the face.
by ben October 06, 2003
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DUFF stands for: designated ugly fat friend. A DUFF is typically hanging around the group of pretty, superficial babes. People who see the DUFF usually wonders why she is being seen with such hot chicks. DUFFs never get ass. DUFFs have never had a boyfriend. And DUFFs spend their friday nights masterbating.
Tammy is such a prep.
DANG, Felicia is looking fine tonight.
Lorena adds that latina spice to the group.
Erica is a hot cheerleader.
and then theres Marissa.
Well, every group of girls has to have their DUFF...
by jOCKIN ON YO December 16, 2007
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When a woman has been fertilised by a man. I.e she is pregnant
by Johan Forssander March 03, 2004
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1. The type of Beer (Homer Simpson) drinks.
2.The ugly girl that hangs out with the good looking girl.
3. Also used for the gun butting move in the XBOX game Halo.
1.Homer drinks alot of Duff.
2.Man that duff is making her look better.
3. Oh shit man u got duffed.
by Jeff October 21, 2004
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Designated Ugly Fat Friend---Usually hangs around extremely Hot girls and DUFF's usually tend to be girls themselves
Bruh do u see dat D.U.F.F. hangin wit Jennifer
by WM-Dawg March 27, 2008
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