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Dress to Impress.

Wear your outfit with style, don't come knocking on the door in an overall, hillbilly.
Come to my party. BYOB & DTI.
by Anna_ May 22, 2007
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Digitally transmitted infection: A sexual infection of your computer caused by the viewing of pornography without proper protection (antivirus programs).
Lil: "Ah shit my computer is so slow!"

Simon: "Maybe it's a DTI, you should stop looking at porn, you dirty giiiirl."
by SexDoc October 22, 2010
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"don't try it!"
Terry Sue: Queen are you still sober?
Minx: Oh yes, I went to a meeting last night?
Terry Sue: D.T.I girl, we saw you drunk as skunk on the corner trying to turn a trick!!
by thecorndogwalker December 12, 2011
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an acronym meaning "Drink Through It"
Lauren: Are you still sick?

Joe: Yeah...I'll be all right, I just need a little sleep and I can DTI
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Acronym for Defend The Indefensible, the final round of BBC radio's Fighting Talk.
DTI: The U.S. was correct to import Nazi laws & enact effectively the same ones.

Defender: Of course this was the correct course of action, as the Nazi laws solved their own issues with deplorables.
by TBZ1 June 17, 2018
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