make (a bill or other proposal) law.
legislation was enacted to attract international companies
by Crazy art March 13, 2018
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To make into law by authoritative act
The Executive Branch of the United States Federal Government should enact substantial criminal justice reform in the policing and sentencing of criminal statutes pertaining to the possession, production, use, sale, transport and distribution of marijuana.

The Judicial Branch of the United States Federal Government should enact substantial criminal justice reform by abolishing capital punishment.
by Theohary June 26, 2020
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Following in the tradition of Civil War, World War, and other similar re-enactments, pre-enacting portrays significant events not in our world's past, but in the potential future. Some prominent pre-enactment groups include:
Pre-enactors Intergalactic Guild
WWIII Pre-enactment Group
Historical Preenactment Society
John and Bill gathered up their laser guns and medkits in preparation for the pre-enactment of the Battle of Volterra Crater, 2072.
by Crescentia January 6, 2009
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Acting out possible future scenarios, such as arguments/fights and sometimes make-out sessions. These sometimes occur in the present past tense as if they'd already happened. Invariably, the scenario is always favorable to the one doing the pre-enactment.
"So I was pre-enacting my beef with Drea... If she talks anymore shit, I'm gonna punch her in the gut and when she hunches over, I'll get her in the throat. That bitch is lucky I don't curb check her, too. Hell yea! Fucked her UP,son!"
by AdriLynn September 25, 2013
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People involved in re-enactment get dressed up in quasi historical clothing and pretend that they somehow, with their full compliments of teeth and no visible illness, represent a realistic period of our societies past.
Re-enactment: A bunch of hippies in funny clothes trying to pass of there activity as "educational." Some are armed and think they can fight but really wanted to join the army and wimped out.
by Tamarin November 13, 2005
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A small hardcore band of mavericks from Oban, The Official World War III Pre-enactment Group ltd. in accosiation with Egg Scent®.

This group of hardened renegades consists of Eggtor, Nodrog and Koala Rob, and they kick some pre-enactment ass with Tralee beach rehearsals for the big attack on London in August.
WWIII Pre-enactment Group will soon be in control
by Cuckundoo June 18, 2006
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Confined to one's bed due to illness, with smelly and unpleasant symptoms including vomiting and possible incoherence due to illness or side effects of medication. Probably with some crusty sick around the mouth.
"It was sweet that he wanted to check on how she was, but she was re-enacting scenes from 'The Exorcist', so she wouldn't let him see her."
by sprmnky November 9, 2007
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