Abbreviation for "Damage Over Time" in MMORPGs, for attacks such as burning or bleeding.
"Slap a bunch of DOTs on the mob and kite it."
by Vuelhering January 5, 2005
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Let's all applaud Jerome for his massively huge DOT!

OK! Now back to work everybody!
by Logical Empiricist Stoic September 22, 2023
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We haven’t seen Stephanie in a while because she’s with Brad now and has the DOT
by Killah Pookie April 28, 2019
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Any kind of fire arm commonly used in the uk
by Abz December 12, 2017
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instead of typing "..." its now the new HardKore way of making your post seem big by just typing "dot dot dot"
Topic starter: I 69ed my cat today.
poster: dot dot dot
by dot dot dot July 13, 2003
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there is more to come, more to the story.
Last week I was trying to explain my side of the story dot dot dot but I couldn't get a word in edge wise.
by Dani coola October 18, 2016
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wrote instead of ... usually used during an awkward silence or irregular pause during an instant messenging chat, also in rare circumstances may be used in R.L.
during a conversation with Bill

BOB: hell yeh I so got off with bill's GF last night, y'know that dumb blond bitch, wow she is so fit, she was so pissed
BILL: dot dot dot
by me123456723456787 May 17, 2008
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