Jerome’s are so fine and sexy. They’re the most attractive guys you’ll ever find. Both personality and looks are so damn fine, you’ll have yourself begging for them. They sex game is so deadly, they will have you begging for more. Jerome’s are so quiet & shy but once you get into their comfort zone, they’re the best people to hang around with. Be careful though, girls are drooling over him so if you want to make him yours, you have competition. They’re usually born around April to September. They’re attitude is so, I don’t give a fuck, I’m going to do what I want. Jerome’s are so caring yet ruthless at the same time. They’re always looking sexy, they are so attractive everyone is always staring at them. When you talk to one, they always be licking they lips and smiling like they’re trying to have your baby. After one conversation, you’ll be begging for him. They’re the realist people you can have in your life but be wise. Once you push them beyond their limits, they will cut you off just like that. Jerome’s are such loyal friends with a very big heart for everyone. They are very curtious people & they are always thinking of others before themselves. If you ever find a Jerome in your lifetime, let’s say your blessed with the best.
Wait who’s that?”
“That’s Jerome”
“Damn he’s so fine, do you know him”
“Yeah, he’s MINE!”
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Jerome is the most amazing person in the world. He will make you smile every second of the day and comfort you when you are down. he is the most loving caring person you will ever meet.he is one of those people you would die for. He is the most hot and stunning guy in the world. If you ever meet this kid back off because he is mine
Girl 1-dude who is that
Girl 2-jerome he is soooo hot
Girl 1-is he like single

Girl 2-well girl back off because he is took by me
by the_boppin_unicorn December 5, 2018
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The coolest motherfucker I’ve ever met, perfect. Anybody named Jerome can treat a lady fine
Person 1: oh shit who’s that?
Person 2: that Jerome, slick asf

Person 1: save some puss for us damn
by YeeterScooter November 25, 2018
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He is the most amazing guy in the world! The ONLY amazing guy in the world! No other guy can compare to him! He is beyond your wildest dreams. He is incredibly gorgeous with a lightening smile and strong arms to carry you through life (like on auto cruise). He is sexy, sweet and a passionate kisser, very passionate. He is desired so many girls because he's incredible. he's the best bestfriend and perfect boyfriend. I love him and really i think i love him more than love it self (is that possible? Most definitely because it Jerome). He is my true love. He's a guy who is lovable, trustworthy and someone who you know will always love you and who you can love through the fabulous, freaky, low, high, awesome, incredible times. He's a guy who will be there 24/7 always there. Light hearted who can make you smile every moment of the day. He's someone to love and treat with passion and respect. He's a once in a life time guy. If you find your Jerome treasure him.
girl 1: is that your Jerome?
girl 2: oh honey, he is and my gosh! he is amazing!
girl 1: you are a lucky thing you better take good care of him! he's TREASUREFUL!
by bottleofbubbly119 June 30, 2010
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Bad ass. A guy who always got your back. Looks after his friends. He'll cat-sit for you, and always shares his wine. Jeromes are even cooler than most because of their ability to grow epic facial hair - and pull it off. Jerome may sleep all day, but the root cause of this is a night shift job at the local airport, not laziness. Also, they possess amazing guitar skills. Also known as Drome.
Girl #1: Hey..Who is that hot guy over there by the airport with the guitar and the beard? He looks bad ass.

Girl #2: Oh, that super hot guy? That's Jerome, also known as Drome.
Girl #1: I need to change my panties.
by a-is-for-angel May 5, 2009
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A very dirty minded man, into anime and girls and music.
That guys a Jerome
by MR AZN May 5, 2018
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