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Abbreviation for "Damage Over Time" in MMORPGs, for attacks such as burning or bleeding.
"Slap a bunch of DOTs on the mob and kite it."
by Vuelhering January 04, 2005

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1. To expose yourself as a moron while trying to do exactly the opposite.

2. To blindly agree, as if you're the original author.

From the WoW forums, a character named Danks posted on the controversial new Honor System in pvp, "Good Job Blizzard!!! Honor System rocks!!! Wow I like the honor system and the huge battles."

There was an immediate reply of "Yes I agree. PVP action is key."

However, the 2nd post was also posted by Danks. He forgot to relog to an alt.
Person 1: "Where can I buy a good computer?"

Person 1: "Try Person 1's computer store!"

Person 2: Why are you answering your own post? /danked
by Vuelhering April 21, 2005

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"Direct Damage" spells in fantasy computer games, esp MMORPGs.
When blasting orcs, I prefer DD to DOT.
by Vuelhering March 28, 2005

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Abbreviation for "process" in RPG's.

Syn: activate, trigger
"My sword's special fire attack never procs!"
by Vuelhering January 04, 2005

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