a person with many personalities. doesnt suffer from bipolarness(if thats a word) or schizophrenia but can be supper bubbly and then if someone make them mad.... its on and poppin!! Being a dot is having a style...that is exquisite........having a smile is charming.......being dot is recognizing the real from the fake... .. the gucci from the gacci... the iphone from the prepaid.....lol. What it means to be dot is being a rebel. Meaning standing for what u believe in even if others dont. Also means major flirt. Point blank, it takes alot to be dot.... and for that.....a unique and a rare human being
Dots can also be mistaken for hoe's because of their flirtatious ways.
Camrey: You see her over there flirting with all those guys?
Jasmine: Yeah. Bet shes a Dot...
Camrey: She is deffinately a Dot
by DatyBabie13 June 02, 2011
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Another word for nipples -- either male or female.
Her bikini top came off when she jumped in the pool and everybody got a glimpse of her dots.
by England phi beta gamma January 27, 2008
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medical slang/jocularity for "Dead on the Spot", corresponds to DOA
Doctor rushes into Emergency, "I heard there was a big bus crash - can I help?"
Nurse: "Only if you brought a mop, there were nothing but DOTS."

by cyberpope67,BC,Canada May 22, 2008
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small round point often used behind sentences.
hello, at the end of this sentence is a dot.
by Stip July 11, 2006
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dot is another way of describing a woman's private area. instead of saying her box or, heaven forbid, her vagina.
If you like the person whose dot you're referring to you might say: "I'd love to get my mitts on her dot," "I bet she has a tiny dot," "I'd like to erase her dot,"or "I would seriously terrorize that dot."

If you were not fond of the owner of the dot (or the dot itself) you might say: "I'd like to kick her right in the dot."or "I'd like to erase her dot."

If it is your dot that is being acted upon you might say "Ouch! Right in the dot," "I have an itchy dot" or "my dot is killing me!" (Try not to say this at a concert)
by chrissie in irvine May 18, 2009
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Slang derogatory term for a peron of Indian origin. Can be used regardless of whether or not the subject of the term actually still lives in India, or has at one time obtained a tourist visa and moved to the United States to buy a motel or gas station.
"Damn, that dot bitch at the Dunkin Donut's screwed up my order again. Maybe she would understand me if I bobbled my head from side to side when I spoke to her."
by happymope May 11, 2007
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Indian national - refering to the dot that is frequently found on the forehead of Indians.
That !@#!@#$ credit card company has dots taking their customer service calls now.
by NinjaL3rK March 07, 2005
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