A word used, usually on the internet or in grafitti but sometimes spoken, to refer to somebody's possession of something or it's relation to somebody. Used to replace "'s" by those unable to use grammar. Often used by chavs in their MSN display names or by people faux-chavving.
Derived from the use of "."s in URL's
Merryweather: Whose pencil is this?
Ginge: Bruce that's a GingedotPencil!

"GINGEdotMAN" has logged in.
by Merrweather November 01, 2007
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From the Nextel Commercial, a dot is an underling, a subordinate, a person performing a specific, limited function (e.g. a pizza delivery person).

Dots get agitated, and you don't want to agitate them. You don't want them making decisions either. The best case is where
you've given them just enough management to perform their tasks smoothly and have appeared to be very responsive to their concerns and needs. This keeps the dots happy.

Everyone is happier when the dots are happy.
"You shouldn't have given him the whole presentation, he's a dot. Just give him the page he needs to work on."

"Why would you expect them to remove your desk before they put in the new one? They're dots, you told them put, they put."

by Skyhawk President March 17, 2009
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Male equivalent of THOT (that hoe over there), DOT = douche over there.
Look at that dot, he is the biggest dick I know!
by skaterrhaterr February 03, 2015
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Another name for the game where you have a bunch of dots on a piece of paper and you and your opponent take turns trying to make squares, one line at a time.
Also called squares
I've always wanted to play strip dots, but no one ever wants to play with me. Maybe I should start hanging with more girls.
by Morpheus August 02, 2004
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Dick On Tap.

The procurement of a nonverbal agreement to have intercourse on frequent occasions over a certain amount of time. Frequent enough where said fucks cannot be defined as booty calls but aren't required to be a a confirmed relationship.

alternative uses of the phrase are "P.O.T."

as in:
Pussy On Tap or Penis on tap.
Nah dude I dont even have to shave my legs anymore, its D.O.T.
by zebrapoop April 13, 2011
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Going to link a dot. That dot is so retarded, asks to meet in bait spots
by Totyywhsbbshs August 14, 2018
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