A word used to describe something cool, awesome, exciting, etc.
'Last weekend was totally dots, man!'
by VeryWeasly February 01, 2010
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Stands for "do that shit". Either when you're getting something done or when you want someone else to get something done.
A: Man, I really need to brush my teeth.
B: Yea, that's nasty. Dots!
by rijenja November 02, 2012
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a non snobbish intelligent person. usually creative or political or just an observer of society. has own sense of style and is very comfortable with themselves. can be man or woman any race.
"Man i love that chick. Shes such a dot."
"I know!!1 She's so cool."
by artmie April 25, 2009
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a synonym for dorchester, boston, MA. it originates from the curious accent that comes from dorchester, where they pronounce the word "dotchestah".
i had a run in with the po-pos over in dot
by punk as fuck May 01, 2003
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Damage over Time. Usually used in the plural "Dots" to represent many spells that do damage over time.
"We need more dots now, more dots more dots more dots....come on more dots.......kay, stop dots."
by Krogoth July 20, 2006
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Dick Off Torso
The action of being ridin to the extent of having your member seperated from your midsection. Also known as De-cocking.
I would have gone to Stacey's party but last time I saw her she gave me the D.O.T.
by Connan March 19, 2007
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