Food items served before the main courses of a meal (prior to an entrée). Synonymous with an appetizer, an Hors d'œuvre, or a shared plate.
This menu has a ton of a starters!
by Inuki January 04, 2011
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The sex position in which one person gets down in the starting blocks position and the other person is standing at the "starter's" head. The starter is then giving him a BJ. May also be switched to be inverted starter. Where the person standing moves to the back of the starter and proforms anal sex.
Dillin: Lets think of something perverted we could do with these starting blocks!

Zac: Let's do the starter!

Dillin: Inverted?

Zac: Why not!
by Fattypatty April 25, 2007
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To begin with
used to say that something is the first in a list of things
"Deborah believes him, indicating, for starters, that she isn't the brightest"

(Judith Crist).
by bitterscotch September 16, 2015
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Any form of lubrication used to get one started in clearing tubes or having intercourse (particularly anal).
Hang on luv, your dirt track is a little dry, I'll just grab the starters
by mickydee26 August 19, 2008
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the craziest bar in southeast georgia with the wildest girls & the best customers (:
if you don't drink at starters, then fuck you.

yea we dance on the bar at Starters, no reason to stare.
by Starter Bombs July 12, 2008
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A Starter is a woman who is in a pimps stable of women, who is his first priority usually the breadwinner.
I take my starter shopping at Saks and my other girls to Wal Mart.
by Dwain Oneal July 07, 2006
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(adj) In modern times Starter is used to describe someone who talks a lot of shit, but says very little. Much like the ramblings and lies found in the Bible, a starter is someone who "starts" rumors, and creates problems for everyone around him. To be called Starter has very negative connotations.
Jeff says "I saw on CNN that when the moon eclipses the sun in the state east of California, Shadowman will strikeout all of the western world."
Randy says "Yo man what are you talking about? You are such a starter."
by Yingtomy October 27, 2008
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