to snog/kiss someone, when you get off with someone you snog or kiss them for a few minute and it is not just simple kissing.
I got off with Natassja

"How far did you go with Emily?"
"I just got off with her, that's it"
by Tarzan69 November 8, 2013
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Linking(getting together, kissing or adultry) with a certain person
Joel: yo man, I got off with Alisha at the rave last night

Cam: holy shit dude
by BuxCrew March 20, 2017
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to do something good,do good,did somthing to the max level
1.sitting down looking at a music video and a singer start's to sing very well, soo you say damn he,she got off in that song. 2.damn you got off in that dance.3.damn every time you jerk(dance) you alway's get off.
by johnnyboyyy:)!!! July 8, 2010
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Dude1: "Hey! did you hear, I got off my murder charge!"
Dude2: "Really?! How?"
Dude1: "Bribed the judge!"
by uglycow April 12, 2010
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when your listening to someone else s' conversation and you suddenly hear the the one person has said something that really insults that other person you then say got off... or got off on their life or whatever they may be talking about. This phrase enhances to the insult.
Person a:hey you better stop eat all those babies or your gonna get really fat

Person b: well your mom is already fat

Person C: damn! got off ha ha
by mster1 July 2, 2010
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A substitute for "Got off light"

To get away with something because of the fact that you have white skin or at least a light complexion.

Usually pertains to situations involving the police, where white people tend to experience more cordial attitudes from cops compared to what might happen to people of African-American or Latino/Latina ethnicities.
*Person 1* 'I was driving 10 mph above the speed limit but I got away with just a warning from the cops.
*Person 2* "Sounds like you got off light"

*Person 3* "More like got off white!"
by Dosonemcuh November 16, 2020
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a bad start when you see someone for the first time, bad impression
Sherry and I got off the wrong foot when we met for the first time
by cheraghali February 27, 2008
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