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In Star Fox, you hit a Z or R button twice to barrel roll, which in turns, gives you a temp shield from lasers.

Also a fad saying for LUE
(Press Z or R twice.)

LUEer1: so I failed at life today
Random LUEer: Should of done a barrel roll
by dot dot dot January 30, 2004

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To fix up your hair line, on the back, or side of your head. Also the front if you want it.
damn yo! I gots to get me a shape up
by dot dot dot June 08, 2004

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most. uverused. numbers. EVAR. Mostly found in a cockfucks IM name.
666 4 LIFe
by dot dot dot July 13, 2003

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instead of typing "..." its now the new HardKore way of making your post seem big by just typing "dot dot dot"
Topic starter: I 69ed my cat today.
poster: dot dot dot
by dot dot dot July 13, 2003

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An anime most elitists hate (they are too busy wacking off to Fooly Cooly to even bother with this show). Blue Gender is an anime version of the movie Starship Troopers...sorta...

In the future, an insidious insect like race of creatures spawn over all continents of the world. Being pushed back, humanity constructs a space station called 2nd Earth to help battle the creatures they dubbed, "the blue." Pocketed in certain parts of world, civilans were frozen and put to sleep before the Blue spread across the land. One such "sleeper" is awakened, Yuji Kaido. He now desperately tries to understand this new planet which is now overrun by bloodthristy monsters. A Sleeper Recovery Unit sent by Second Earth is ordered to bring Yuji back with them, but face tough resistence from the blue. Marlene Angel is accomplished member of the team, and befriends Yugi in more ways then one. Together, they slowly form a bond that intensifys the more Yuji learns about himself, and the more his hatred for the Blue grows.
I like Blue Gender, because I liked Starship Troopers
by dot dot dot August 31, 2003

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Drama + Comedy
man, highschool is such a Dramedy.
by dot dot dot May 15, 2004

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needs to get laid...fast.
yoshmasta needs to have sex right now.
by dot dot dot July 26, 2004

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