Acronym in the sports world for "Did Not Finish". Ironically, however, the #1 Vaporware of all time, "Duke Nukem Forever" (known also as "Duke Nukem Taking Forever", ".. If Ever", ".. Whenever") coincidentally has the exact same acronym.

by TooCrooked October 02, 2005
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Also known as Dreamnotfound.
It is a ship name between two Youtubers/Twitch Streamers. (Georgenotfound and Dreamwastaken/Dream)
Person 1: Hey.. why are people putting blue and green hearts in my comment section?
Person 2: DNF?
Person 1: Yeah?
Person 2: Deez nutz forever.
by Chickenisdawicken August 18, 2021
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it’s when some losers fantasize about 2 grown men making love/dating/reading fan fics about them
timmy-i have a life so i don’t fantasize abt dnf!!!
betty-oh, guess i don’t have a life :(
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by Ghostbur May 09, 2021
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Does not Fuck

Has been around the Frat community for a while now - A.K.A. someone that pussies out a lot, sucks at picking up chicks, can't handle his liquor, hell he can't even shotgun a cold one with the boys...
Chad: "Yo Bro, did u see Kyle throw up on Stacy after two bud lights?"
Tanner: "Yeah dude, Kyle is a certified DNF"
by YeezyForPres November 14, 2017
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•₁ D.N.F- DNF, stands for Dinner N' Fuck. That's it.

• ₂ DNF- DNF, more commonly known as DreamNotFound, is a ship name for the content creators Dream, (dreamwastaken) and George (GeorgeNotFound). This ship is also called "Gream", but the ship name is less commonly used, as it literally means gravy and cum. (i hate it here.)

•₃ Dnf- Dnf, is an abbreviation for the term "Did Not Finish". The term is used in racing sports, examples being horse racing, cycling, and car races.
₁ - "Wanna DNF?"
₂ - " dnf is cannon for life (dnf is real)

₃- "The team DNF, as a result the opposite team has won!"
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A project (usually a video game) that has taken so long to complete that one of two possibilities exist: either the project will never be completed, or in the even that the project is completed, it will be so crappy that it would've been better off never being completed. The term is derived from Duke Nukem Forever, the most famous example of this.
I want Beyond Good and Evil 2 released just as much as the next red-blooded gamer, but at this point, I'm pretty sure it's a DNF.
by Kryme December 02, 2014
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