A group of young men who have generally been douchebags their entire lives, and feel the need to spend thousands and thousands of their parents dollars to continue this legacy through college and to buy their friends. These men all wear the same exact polo shirts and ugly suade shoes due to a complete lack or originality and free-thinking. In groups these promising young men enjoy drinking absurd amounts of alcohol while listening to shitty mainstream rap music. A large number of these wonderful kids are extremely rascist as well.
Hey man, I'm thinking about joining a frat. I can't seem to make any regular, down to earth friends, so I think ill join mu mu kappa doo doo poo poo and make a bunch of new "brothers" who in actuality will welcome me to their awesome group by treating me like scum.
by Truth67 September 13, 2013
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An abbreviation for fraternity that people have a problem with for no arguable reason. If you ever use the word "frat" around a fraternity member, they will most likely decide to bore you with a rant about how the term "frat" is derogatory for some reason that they have no concrete explanation for.
Guy: Dude, the frat party last night was sick.

Frat Guy: It's Fraternity, not frat. Frat is a derogatory abbreviation. Would you call your country a cunt?

Guy: Would you call your mother a mom?

Frat Guy: Oh. I see your point. I obviously have no fucking idea what i'm talking about, and will never again make the obnoxious claim that people should stop using the word "frat".
by Zolem April 16, 2008
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This Person Is A Frat
by EpicEggDog October 27, 2020
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An annoying collection of insecure guys who need help getting laid. No one outside of a frat cares about them, everyone in a frat thinks it is the coolest most badass thing imaginable and use the excuse that it is a "brotherhood" to pass off getting drunk and being idiots. No frat is a "brotherhood" it's a lame excuse to be a part of something for those too insecure to actually make friends. And who think that because they drink on nights they have classes is some how badass. Instead they fail to see the stupidity in just about everything they do. They "rush" and get hazed but no one will say what happens because no one wants anyone else to find out just how pathetic they really are for doing all of this retarded shit just to be accepted. Often these once individuals (now copies) come home on breaks and think they are the shit but get a major reality check from their friends who don't care what they do at their frat house, and get pissed off when some one makes fun of them because of some misplaced sense of pride from being in a frat. Nothing is more pathetic that a frat guy by himself, because alone he is just a prep douchebag, but with his "brothers" he's the balls.
frat guy 1: Dude that was so intense last night, i never thought i'd do that...

Non frat guy: what'd you do?

Frat Guy 1: i can't talk about it to people not in my frat

non frat guy: you're an idiot.
by Rope12 February 4, 2009
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A derogatory name for a Fraternity. Often used by Gel-headed, Abercrombie wearing, spray-tanned douchebags. Often used in the north, or anywhere outside of the South East (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Arkansas), though they may just be too stupid to understand that it is derogatory.

"Frats" usually consist of the previously mentioned Abercrombie, gel-head, spray tan doucherockets. They tend to give real fraternities a bad name.
I'm not in a frat. It's called a fraternity, fucking "Jersey Bro"....go take some fucking steroids, Guido.
by Real Fraternity Man April 14, 2008
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the abbreviated form of fraternity. A typical "Frat" member is composed of Neanderthal-istic features and lower then average intelligence. They suffer from inferiority complex and believe that all women are there toys (especially the gullible I.E, Sorority girls) who buy all of there garbage. Frats typically vary in number although intelligence and conscious thought degrades as the number increases. While often considered a collegial affair, frats do not excel in learning atmospheres and are intimidated by reading, writing, or thinking. IF YOU are threatened by someone of this nature call animal or pest control. As a last resort throw a book at them.
Guy 1: What is that large group of dudes
Guy 2: oh thats just a frat, don't worry they are just raping those stupid sorority girls....
Guy 1: how sad...
Guy 2: no, those girls are dumb as shit..
Guy 1: mmm....
by RFSMITH December 20, 2007
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Degrading word used by many northern fraternity members and others residing in Florida, which is in the north. Most schools outside of Texas, Miss., Alabama, Georgia, SC, NC, VA, just don't understand.
Calling your fraternity a "frat" is like calling your country a "cunt."
by rolltide May 8, 2007
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