‘DNF’ is a ship name between 2 minecraft youtubers (dream was taken and georgenotfound) that stands for dreamnotfound
“You should read heatwaves
“who is it about?”
“who tf”
by yntbkshyfyon January 24, 2021
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An acronym for: Did not finish
Also a short name for a popular ship in the MCYT Community.
DNF means DREAMNOTFOUND, The ship between 2 minecraft content creators

DNF Ruined minecraft youtubers for me
Person 1: Did you do the homework Jamie?
Jamie: Nah, I DNF it, Was to tired, Y'know?
by ThtGenderfluidFryingPan December 14, 2021
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Did Not Finish
a term used in sports events whereby the participant is unable to complete the event
damn, i just dnf'd the winter olympics

i just dnf'd
did not finish
by mamma gee February 9, 2009
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Did Not Finish. An event for which the partcipant never finishes.
Although he started the 10k, quitting at the 6k mark meant his result was listed as a DNF.
by Hollyfeld June 18, 2004
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DNF is an abbreviation for an online ship Dreamnotfound, shipping Minecraft youtubers, Dream, and GeorgeNotFound
I am writing a DNF fic.
Do you read DNF?
by ass.eaten November 30, 2020
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DNF is an acronym that stands for DreamNotFound. This name stems from two popular twitch streamers DreamWasTaken and GeorgeNotFound's ship name. DNF originated as a joke but it did not take long before fans began writing FanFiction and making edits of these two. On multiple media sites (such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, even Reddit) the colors green and blue can be used to represent the couple DNF.
Your Friend: OMG did you read that DNF fanfiction on reddit
You: NO not yet what's it called
Your Friend: It's called "HeatWaves" but beware it gets spicy
by GingerBreadMILF August 29, 2021
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an abbreviation for DreamNotFound, originating from DreamWasTaken and GeorgeNotFound being shipped making DreamNotFound
someone: who do you ship in the DSMP? me: DNF
by ~heatwaves ~ March 15, 2021
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