An immaculate excuse to get out of trouble.
"As Police Officers, we will have to give you a ticket for speeding."
"Wait! I'm friends with GeorgeNotFound!"
by not ekul's cousin November 15, 2020
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A minecraft youtuber who just so happens to be a simp for DreamWasTaken but won't admit it.
Person 1.: Ugh, no I'm not going to say 'I love you'!

Person 2.: Looks like somebody is pulling a Georgenotfound.
by noxxa May 10, 2020
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George is a British Minecraft youtuber who is most well known from being in Dream's videos. GeorgeNotFound has 1 million subs which he gained in less than a year.

George is associated with Dream, Sapnap, BadBoyHalo (SaintsOfGames), Skeppy, TommyInnit, and more.
Have you heard of GeorgeNotFound? I love his Minecraft videos.
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A slur directed towards those who sleep through big events.
Quackity: We lost everything because of a GeorgeNotFound!
Dream: Stop being mean to my bf...
Quackity: Shut the hell up.
by atlasneverexisted January 21, 2021
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Dream: Oh GEORGE!!!! COME HERE!!!!

GeorgeNotFound: EeeeEeEAEAEeaEaEaeeAeaEeAEAEeaeEAEeaeA
by an existant of this planet February 17, 2021
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