This is an alcoholic beverage that you crack open with the boys, Normally takes place on a Friday or Saturday.
Girl: Wanna come over and smash?
Guy: Sorry, I'm cracking open a cold one with the boys.
Girl: Why? You're always with the boys! Its either me or the boys.
Guy: We're done.
by One of the boys. June 1, 2017
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Another name for vampires(a name given to them because of their unhumanly cold skin)
The cold one sucked the blood of his victim.
by MichaelPietrzykowski December 16, 2008
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another calling for the undead , a name given for their unhumanly cold and pale skin. Scientists believe that the "cold ones" had a form of desiese, to have no warmth flowing though their body, yet they could feel the touch. the cold ones had no future testing as they refused to have so after 1950.
by AnonymousUser. May 8, 2009
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1. Simply beer. Doesn't have to be bud light, but if it is a budlight product, extra cool points for using it!

2. Also, can be used as the ability of feeling buzzed. The effects of drinking beer.
Hey nigga, pick up a 12 pack of drinkability.

Man, she mad cause I got that drinkablilty

Pass me that cold one. All you have is coors and bud light, nigga give me that drinkability.
by Banks3321 July 23, 2009
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