Yo, i fucked my cousins girl without him knowing, keep it on the DL,yo
by Anonymous January 15, 2003
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n: dick lips sometimes refering to people who give head, people with big lips, or my friend H.O.C. ( who dosent do or have any of those things)
v: pussying out or not showing up when you say you will
Shit jigsie you best not pull another dl.
by narcaleptic buble January 01, 2004
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n. Disabled List. From sports lingo.
Jason Giambi is on the DL after Steinbrenner kicked his ASS for getting off the 'roids.
by fizzle April 02, 2004
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Initials of David Letterman, used by announcer of his show, Alan Kalter (tv's Uncle Jerry) when he implies his "street talk" into segments of the show.
by defgtyu August 07, 2006
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DL (devastating loss) - any situation or event ends miserably. A major loss or defeat.

Antonym - CV (clutch victory)
"Your favorite basketball team lost by 1 point? Major DL."
"I'm really sorry about that DL!"
by zhangerz7 February 14, 2009
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direct level , between you and me , also means were on the same level
by secret November 25, 2004
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Relates to the relationship between the two CSI:NY characters, Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe.

Megan: Did you see that DL scene in last night's CSI: NY?

Emily: Of course! Dammnit they were thisclose to kissing! Damn reporters!

At the same time: Squee!
by Lisalla March 20, 2007
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