Hot mom means sexy mom; deduce that to mean mom I'd like to have sex with; regard that statement as Mother I'd Like to Fuck, hence the terminology: MILF.
Joey: Wow, Ross, your ex-wife Carol is one hot mom.
Ross: You're talking about my son's mother.
Joey: Hey, I call 'em as a I see 'em. I'm sure Susan will agree that she's a MILF.
Ross: Shut up!
by FriendsFan2005 April 1, 2010
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When a milf has really nice hair, know what I mean, I'm talking about upper-middle-class mom in lululemon type hair.
by decdaddy December 2, 2020
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Your mom who which is found attractive to one or more people.
Your hot mom has got it going on~!
by Jasminexxxx April 16, 2022
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Porn site ad that pretends like there are hot women in your area wanting to have sex with you.
Person1: *masturbating to porn*
Porn Site Ad: Hot Moms in your AREA! Get ready to FUCK.
by akselly March 12, 2021
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"Hey Kaleb"

"What Kira?"

"I <3 Hot Moms, especially your mom"

by Herrscher of Sentience December 10, 2021
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Usually said with no context. Or written in any place you can find. Often can be intertwined with “your mom”.
Guy: “I love hot moms.”
Guy #2: “Like who?”
Guy: “your mom.”
Guy #2: “Fuck you.”
by Gen-z meanings May 21, 2022
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