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The TV show who gave what every human with puberty wanted : Justin Bieber's death.
CSI gave the most epic show ever last night, Justin Bieber died, WOHOO !
by Niceplace February 21, 2011
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The original "Crime Scene Investigation" TV show that spawned a host of other official and unofficial similar series... including House.

Purportrated to be as realistic as possible, using actual procedures in the field and actual equipment in the lab. And I heard that they often base their stories on real events.

But the problem with the show as a "Who done it" is that the writers are always trying to shock their viewers as to who the killer actually is.

Knowing this going in produces the opposite effect and makes the show as predictable as Scooby Doo. For example, one of their favorite things to do is having children: teenagers, pre-teens, and sometimes even toddlers be the killer.

Some cast members:

Gil Grissom: The head of the team and a bug expert. Likes roller coasters.

Catherine Willows: Second in command and ex-stripper. Has a mob boss as a Father.

Warrick Brown: An ex-gambling addict who always looks like he's in pain.

Nick Stokes: Used to have a penchant for the ladies, but they kind of low-keyed that when the actor started losing his looks.

Sara Sidle: Advocate for abused women. I think the main reason she's there is because her name sounds like "suicidal".
ME: Whatcha' watching?
GF: CSI. I think the Father killed his wife.
ME: Father? They have a kid?
GF: Yeah, an adorable 10 year old girl.
ME: Oh... well it wasn't the Father. It was the little girl.
by Alfie The Horndog June 10, 2007
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Canadian Security Intelligence Service
AKA. The Canadian version of the CIA
You can't hurt me! My dad works for CSIS.
by Neromi March 10, 2010
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In the real world, CSI or crime scene investigators, gather and analyze crime scene evidence and hand it over to the detectives and other proper authorities, but in the tv show, they take on all the aspects of a case, even interrogating and arresting suspects.
Last night on csi, some guy got murdered and the csi team found and convicted the criminal.
by a girl July 25, 2004
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A rather overrated tv show that someone lots of people like despite having the shallowest plotlines of any television. The average episode is like this: Someone dies, Crime scene people examine the corpse, someone makes a witty remark about the death, they find some suspects, they interrogate the person with the same dialogue they used the previous episode, the person admits to somehow not kill-but-in-the-same-time killed the person, then they find the real culprit and rinse and repeat for 12 fucking straight seasons! Honestly, how can a show last for 12 years using the same copy paste story every single goddamn episode!

Says a lot of the American public tbh. Meanwhile, clever shows like The Wire get lots of praise but low ratings (show only lasted for 5 seasons compared to CSI who lasted for 12!) and get canceled after a few years of airing due to the dumb masses wanted to watch stupid recycled crap instead of clever and informative tv. To quote Fry from Futurama: "But that's not why people watch TV. Clever things make people feel stupid, and unexpected things make them feel scared."
A typical episode of CSI:
A body is found,
The team covers the corpse and make a corny joke about the nature of the death
They search for some suspects and bring in some people in an interrogation room
They grill on the person until he/she admits knowing how the person died and who is the killer
They find the real culprit and arrest him/her and cue the next episode of the same exact shit happening again and again.
by Deadmojo October 18, 2018
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TV show with hands down, THE BEST theme songs ever. A producer or someone high up there at CBS must like The Who a lot.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Who Are You

CSI: Miami: We Won't Get Fooled Again

CSI: New York: Baba O'Riley.

what more do you need?
by Brian August 08, 2005
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