If you play this game you’re guaranteed to get hacked. If you play this you’re either a teenage white Boy with the name Coochie man.
Oh yea I’m gonna play amoung us with coochie man
by Yourlocalpothead November 4, 2020
imposter: hey bro lets play some cave game
crewmate: nah bro lets play amoung us
by heybadlookinyourreallygay March 8, 2022
Amoung us is the borderline example of why memes shouldn't last more then 1 month, amoung us has currently taken over the world, and we only have ourselves to blame, for we have allowed amoung us to become... all of us.
Person 1:AMOUNG US! SUS!

Person 2: this fucking sucks.
by Frisbeeable child February 16, 2022
amoung us is now the most addicting game ever. (i play also.)
sentence that says amoung us in it. there i did it.
by nolifejim November 23, 2020
Its a amoung us person with a penis can be large and very sometimes it has cum coming out of it it just a drawing of a amoung us and a penis
GIVE ME THE AMOUNG US BALLS the cum will be great
by Anji_hallmysnapaddme March 4, 2022