A spunky, feisty, and adorable girl. She is independent and outspoken. She will fight for all she believes in. She will compliment any and everything about you and melt your heart with her giant eyes and long eyelashes.
That girl is a Monroe for sure!
by Kweenbee182 June 27, 2019
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Enduring family with strong bonds, valiant. Some of the most hilarious people you'll ever meet. People you can always count on to get the job done. Can defeat any enemy that comes against them. Hard working.
Question: Did he get it done?

Answer: Yeah Monroe don't play.
by Mcluvinep915 February 3, 2017
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A named came from an artist. Which means, cute, sexy, adorable and awesome.
by Misxdemonish August 5, 2011
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A town in upper fairfield county, that is becoming a more upscale place to live. Nick named, "Funroe," and "the R O E." There is never anything to do, and if its past 12:00 in the morning and you dont want to sit in your car calling people on your cell phone all night, you go to "the diner" there is only one. There are only about 13 traffic lights in the town, and there are too many banks, and not enough shops. Almost everyone smokes and drinks. The fashion is made up of mostly polos and khakis for guys, and jeans and button ups, polos, and tanks from Abercrombie&Polo. There are all types of cliques, the preps, jocks, stoners, goths, punks, nerds, etc. The richer kids drive new jettas, civics, or jeeps. They dominate the social scene.
Sarah: Hey whats going on tonight?
Brittany: No idea, Ive talked to everyone and theres nothing going on that I know of.

::3 hours later leaving the diner::
Brittany: Well, that was another fun night in the roe. Maybe something will go on tomorrow night.
Sarah: Yeah right.
by funroe May 9, 2005
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1. A weird humanoid that can usually be found taking photographs of trees & other things, including her much adored cat. Generally distinguished from other humanoids by her avoidance of phones, desire to speak Enochian, almost obsessive love of ampersands & typography, being barefoot in most cases & claiming she is part Gelfling from a rogue planet.
2. A massively underdeveloped genius with an ISTP personality; morbidly creepy, but cheerful about it.
3. A wayward human with no general idea of where she is going, or what she is doing, but generally lives through her adventures.Social media addict; consultant.
4. Redhead with a little bit of soul. Hufflepuff. House Arryn.

English Monroe, from Irish Gaelic Rothach

Monroe loves her animals. She takes gorgeous photographs. She likes to explore, and has an amazing Tumblr.
by sparklemotionshimmer April 1, 2012
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A creepy night crawler who likes to sit at the edge of your bed and watch you sleep, can’t handle their alcohol, and likes to whip out their pp unsolicitedly. The look in a Monroe’s eyes will give you night terrors for weeks and you will need spiritual healing afterwards.
I feel like Clay was watching me in my sleep, he’s such a Monroe…
by Dojakitten March 10, 2022
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An extremely ugly and trashy piercing located between the nose and lips region. It's generally wanted by disparate women seeking some shred of beauty but sadly lacking in the that department. Just another attempt to gain attention from people. It's not impressive, attractive, or in any way beautiful. Just sad and pathetic.

Sad Girl: "I am so excited because I finally got a monroe!!! I am pretty now!!!"

Average Guy rolling his eyes: "Hahaha yeah...that will help!"
by Three B January 29, 2009
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