DOWN LOW- a secret underground organization where straight, masculine, "thug like" black men, often with wives and girlfriends secretly have unprotected sex with other black men- also known as "the DL".
#1: "Yo bro, where were you last night"?
#2: "Not with mah girl- i was layin it up on the DL".
by Hobo April 10, 2004
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down low when want to keep something between you and someone else also known as a secret
man 1: ay yo man i got 3 dollars and i owe him three dollars keep it on the dl
by Le'mon Flowers February 05, 2009
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Dow-low; not known by the general public.

Something that is a secret or surprise needs to be kept on the DL
"Is she pregnant?"
"Yeah, but lets keep it on the DL so her parents don't find out"
by kissmissbecca February 05, 2009
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"YO, you tapped dat ass las night didn't ya?"
"Yeah, but keep it on the DL, yo."
by squipple November 09, 2002
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