Internet speak, lingo, or language. Short speak acronym speak for techs. DLing is the short term for Down Loading.
Hey buddy I'm DLing mp3's from napster, getting the new FireFox browser, and getting the movie I just purchased from iTunes on my broadband cable internet.
by jonfuntoo January 10, 2009
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A term used while in game to say your Downloading on the side to keep from getting killed
I'm DLing a game while I play to pass the time.
by Riplified January 24, 2011
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Virtual flies that one can download and reek havok on others with.
Hammah: Hey I just finished downloading my Dling Flies.
Numan: O rfly wthas a dkling flie
by Erik Redo July 22, 2006
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Hot Line Dling is the definition of eastern europe guys who want ding-ge-ling their balls sack into a hot tub full of macaroni with some special sauce made of pieces of hot shit(90c) and bacteria. It's usually used as a term of respect to a very hot woman who got spitted on. You spit on the hoe, slap the hoe and then do the what's so called 'Hot Line Dling'
"Jesus woman I'm going for the Hot Line Dling on yo azz"
"Damn bruh this gurl so tight ima Hot line Dling da shit outtah her"
"Thiss bitchh gott mee craaazzzyyy ima hot line dling her ass"
by Sassy Macaroni November 21, 2016
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