to keep it on the "down-low" or to keep it discreet, or secret.
"hey, don't tell anyone - just keep it on the DL."
by Amy December 15, 2004
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abreviation for "down low".
I'm having an incredibly awesome party this weekend but keep it on the DL.
by Katrina April 02, 2005
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Down low. Like, psst don't tell anyone!
kid #1: Did you know that your grandad has 4 girlfriends?
kid #2: Yeah, but we're not supposed to know so keep on the DL.
by Shush August 27, 2005
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Code for the Devil's Lettuce or marijuana. Primarily used as a code by parents around their children indicating they would enjoy smoking some at a later point when the children are fast asleep.
Barbara had a heck of a day and was jonesing to blaze, so she asked her boyfriend Matt if he would be down with some D.L. later on to help quell her nerves.
by white trash tim May 06, 2009
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abbrev. for "down low," as in "keep it on the down low," i.e. keep it quiet; mum's the word
I heard Chantuese though J was a hater til he showed her what a lover he could be. But I got that on the DL, so don't be broadcasting it.

by K February 12, 2003
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down-low. secret, keep it quiet. keep a low profile.
"you're not using dope again are you?" "shit, yeah, yeah, but keep it on the DL aight?"

"this area's hot right now so when you're comin' through make sure you keep on the DL."
by L.K. November 20, 2003
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A shortened term for "Download". Also there are DL's, DLing, and DL'd. Some refer to it as d/l.
"I need something to DL."
by Felicia January 31, 2003
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