A very specific sexual fetish where you cum into the other person's asshole, wait for a while, and then eat the dried up cum.
Brian: Hey, did you hear? I had a crunch dessert from Jessica's butthole!
Matt: What the fuck Brian this is why we don't invite you over anymore
by crinch cronch November 27, 2018
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used to define someone who is slightly cringy because they are bored, which makes them do slightly cringy things
Go do something man, you're being crunch-e
by Rolly Poof May 01, 2017
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A term that best describes people that lack personal hygiene , are overly consumed with environmental conservation. A new era, 21st Century hippie.
Yo, babe, look, Ruth still refuses to shave any of her “hot spots” or legs all in the name of water conservation. PU!! Straight Crunch granola
by Woodbury 008 October 11, 2017
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The act of putting cornflakes inside your foreskin and having a wank, then eat the now mixed cereal out of your foreskin. This is exclusive for europeans.
guy 1: Yo, you crunching later?
guy 2: of course bro! Its soooo good
by Jobama The Cumlord September 04, 2020
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A much better way of saying taking a shit or pooping
So there I was in the woods, crunching one off, when I see the biggest fucking black bear ever to exist...
by Wiserthantoast June 08, 2018
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