a common senior class play in the 1950's.
also the best musical ever!
even though the song "seventy-six trombones" has a couple errors.
"I love you madly, madly Madam Librarian...Marian"
by ... May 7, 2005
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When fucking someone, you put on really loud music with a lot of bass, hooked up to a subwoofer, and you fuck in time with the beat of the music.
Greg tried a music man last night with Gina, but the people below his apartment got pissed and called the cops.
by SkeletorBeastman January 21, 2008
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The epitome of a disaster waiting to happen. Also known as a total Man Whore. He just wants girls to like him, and he acts suicidal and depressed to get girls to like him and eventually try to hook up with him. This person is also an attention whore and wants the entire world to know he is "good" at something he isn't.
P1. Look at Music Man, such an absolute unit right there that one ..

P2: just a man whore and an attention whore. Such a sad sack of a human being
by SaladSpinner December 26, 2018
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When a guy comes on an amplifier when its blasting sweet awesome guitar and the vibration is large enough so the cum flies back and hits someone.
"Aw, fuck! You just hit me in the face with your musical man milk!"
by Cumshot Joeseph July 3, 2009
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A particular genre of house music which one would hear in any mainstream UK club with VIP booths and crap champagne, particularly popular with 20-30 year old men who have a grandfather clock tattoo on their hand, tight "muscle fit" V neck t-shirts from Boohoo Man and also enjoy Love Island. Usual hallmarks are a generic two bar bassline pattern at 124 bpm, the same repetitive off beat hi hat, stabby piano chords with zero creativity and an overused female vocal sample usually singing about "baby I'm losing control, never let it go" or similar.
- "Hey bro, what's this track which sounds exactly like every other track on the radio at the moment?"
- "I forget the name mate - could be a Joel Corry track? Pretty sure it sounds like a generic Boohoo man music track though"
by alloallo June 12, 2020
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Modern or classic rock music that falls into the genres of: heavy metal, grunge, indusrial, post-grunge, or punk rock.
I'm tired of listening to this love song garbage. Let's find a radio station with some angry white man music.
by Dan February 12, 2008
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