- When somebody does something (usually accidentally) to offend/hurt/bother/inconvenience you, but you aren't really that offended/hurt/bothered/inconvenienced (or you don't mind it), you respond with "You're good"; basically it means "it's not a big deal" and the purpose is to alleviate guilt or blame of the other person.

- When someone does something particularly industrious, clever or witty, you may respond to them "You're good", with emphasis on the word "good". Generally it is a comment, but can also be a general statement or a concession (see touche).
A waitress accidentally spills wine on a patron at a restaurant.
Waitress: Oh my gosh I am so sorry! So sorry!
Patron: It's fine, you're good!

Pedro (holding a videotape): I have the tape of you getting gangbanged right here.
Lisa (grabs tape out of Pedro's hands and breaks it): Hah! You can't blackmail me now!
Pedro (smiling): Bitch, please you think that's the only one I made? Of course I have another one. You're screwed, bitch.
Lisa: Shit... you're good.
by Laqueshus June 5, 2009
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An expression often used as an after-the-fact gesture. Made plainly as to denote a sense of good nature and understanding with one another. Also it is often used in place of "I'm okay".
Customer: "Oh I'm sorry, I thought you liked Duck Dynasty because of the long beard that you have. My mistake."

D.H. "You're good!"
by The MI Shocker December 3, 2013
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The world's greatest euphemism for masturbating. Coined by Jeff Foxworthy, of all people.
They give you a plastic cup and a Playboy book, and you take it in the back room and do what you're good at!
by uwg October 15, 2006
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The catchphrase of Revolver Ocelot from the Metal Gear Solid series. A sign of high respect and admiration. Given to him by Big Boss in MGS3, then given from Ocelot to Solid Snake many years later.
Big Boss: That was some fancy shooting. You're pretty good.

Ocelot: Pretty.....good.
by Alexander F January 8, 2009
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Parents use this quote when they want you to shut up.
Boy: MOM look i planted a flower
Boy: MOM I drew something
Boy:MOM I cooked ceral
Mom: You're a good kid......i guess
by RandomGirlWhoLikesYou May 31, 2019
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the nicer way of telling somebody they suck at something that they have just started to do. translates into "you suck, but since you're a beginner it's okay."
Kelly: wow you're pretty good for a beginner!

*wow she sucks, i hope she gets better*
by bekahUNLEASHED February 7, 2010
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