Mmmm... this pair of pink and brown spandex y's are particularly tight.
by joss waite June 25, 2006
Rock on, rock, anything to do with rocking.
Oh yea you rock!!!!!!! Y(>.<)Y
by Alex Talmage July 1, 2007
Stands for yes/yes, used instead of y/n (yes/no) as a joke that yes is the only answer possible.
bonnie/greta = sea lesbians y/y?
by coellcmu May 24, 2007
What you type into your scientific calculator when you want to recreate the famous triple breast scene from Total Recall.
This is the scene from Total Recall you must see - (. Y . Y .)
by D'avid Byownyigg August 16, 2018
Literally, "Yes/Yes?" as opposed to "Yes/No?"

Used when saying something to someone that you already know the answer to or really want that person's answer to be Yes.
by nytetime October 28, 2010
An expression of the rhetorical nature of a question, suggesting that the askee has to choose between 'yes' and 'yes'.
"I should buy these boots, y/y?"
by rscotland October 25, 2012
An extremely sad emoticon, being a combination of both v.v and T-T. Depicts utter hopelessness and sadness.
(P1): Oh my god I lost my lv 99 sword! I saved so hard for that!
(P2): Y-Y I feel you bro
(P1): Y-Y I'll never get anything like it
by CyrinPlays September 27, 2016