Testicles. A slightly more sophisticated synonym than balls.
Ouch!!! My spheres!!!
by witchdoc64 April 2, 2011
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1. a three dimentional geometeric figure, where all points on the surface are equal distance from the center.
2. an incredibly fat person.

3.-To recieve sphere; to get head, more commonly refered to as a blowjob.
1. marbles are spheres
2. anyone who can comfortably fit their ass on two chairs.
Me: "yo dude, your right. your girlfriend does give really good sphere."
Buddy: "WTF dude."
by li'l Steeevey June 20, 2005
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Like on point, but used for things that are not pointy/tipped.
Person: Oh, her boobs are on sphere!
by Elyn5 March 9, 2016
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A genuis book of michael crichton about a sea expedition to 700 feet below the surface in search of the remains of an alien spacecraft. Every page seems to revitalize what one would follow the storyline to be about, and is another one of crichton's genuis works.
Oh yeah, and it's a 3 Dimensional geometrical shape in which all points on the surface are equally spaced from the center.
by restin256 November 16, 2003
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All purpose use thing, floating, round from all sides.

Also a 'Sphere' is a person that is all knowing, and well respected
See the flexbeta forum, search for user 'Sphere'
by Sphere April 24, 2005
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like the planet earth we live on. and moon and the closest star to us name the sun and other stars are all spheres shape. which is a 3D third dimensional circle like a basketball. and you can go one direction around the earth if it wasn't for the water , ocean sea etc and be back where you started from but too long of a distance to walk and the underwater world is way larger than the world on the land as big as it is. the sea world is much more indepth and massive. especially land is really 2D side scrolling and in the ocean its all dimensional. also ...
a sphere has no end no drops. no edges. and gravity keep us centered to the surface. pulling us towards the core of the earth. or we would float away in outer space and suffocate where its no oxygen/air to breathe with no plants . and plants need us to survive what we breathe out while we need oxygen what they release including trees. it takes two for us to thrive
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Some sphere was complaining about the size of the seats on the plane.
by blizack November 27, 2002
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