Tagalog (Filipino) for older female relative or peer. Pronounced A-teh. Can be used preceding a name as a title or as a pronoun.
Mama! That boy keeps poking Ate Michelle!
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Past tense of the word eat basically To go hard or dominate. Texas slang
Wendy: You see John playing basketball on Saturday?

Jill: yeah he ate
by John Elway the 3rd August 8, 2014
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Filipino word added to the names of women or girls older than you.

Also used in family like "nee-san" in Japanese. For older siblings as a sign of respect.


If some dude you have a crush on calls you Ate it painfully means you're older than him (DUH) and/or he is only interested with being good friends with you. And probably respects your maturity despite the fact that he's older or you're both same aged.
Hi Ate Jane! Thank you for helping me.
by quinsence June 25, 2012
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A stan twitter reference to where their favorite band or soloist has had a good performance and did really good on it.
Person 1: Did you see CLC'S new music video?!
Person 2: Yes! they ate that!
by urmom2020202 May 30, 2019
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Ate is the past tense of eat. This could mean you ate fingerlickin chicken and stuff.

Ate(pronounced at-ēyh) is to express the female relative of your older sister
I ate a piece of cake
Hey Ate Ella, can I borrow your charger?
by HiGuyzItzMeh November 24, 2019
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This is a word used after you have had sex with a girl
"I ate her"
by Denzel @millennium_inc October 2, 2017
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