Synonymous to hitting on, having a crush on, or wooing someone. Can also be used to describe the act of throwing someone the sex eyes.

Originally coined in the movie "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore.
Girl-"Guy is totally crunching on you."
Barrymore-"Do I wanna be crunched?"
Girl-"By Guy? Oh yeah."
by immahlamb September 10, 2011
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The act of having really rough sex. Possibly with Oreo cookies involved.
I was crunching with Sam Malone last night and I tore that skank up.
by Miller September 16, 2004
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Saving money in the Credit Crunch. Fucking Buzzwords...
A: You coming out tonight?
S: No mate - im crunching.
A: Dickhead.
by GingerBastard1 February 05, 2009
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It is the pinnacle of a "do or die" moment when one's life and or many lives are in peril and to have the bravery and testicular fortitude to save the day above all costs.
Mighty Boosh S1 ep3 Saboo and Tony Harrison on a flying carpet:

Saboo: What are you going to do when we come to the crunch?
Tony Harrison: ohhhhhhh my word, are we back to the crunch?
by The Crunch Master July 02, 2017
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"you better start doing some crunches if you wanna lose that pooch for the summer."
by bmoc November 09, 2003
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A person with such an overwhelming personality, it sucks the energy out of their peers.
"Kim, would you ever date that guy?"
"Nah Wang. He cute but he mad crunch doe."
by Mrs. 305 December 12, 2013
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