-Originated in the Seattle area
-A word to say when someone is being embarrased.
-When someone tells someone off, then another person will say CRUNCH .
Guy #1:Ms. Clarke is too fat to even fit through the door.
Guy #2:Nigga dont be talkin when you cant even fit between mountains.

Girl:That dude needs a tic tac
Boy #1:You need A LOT of tic tacs
Boy #2:Crunch
by sexy_island_gurl March 25, 2008
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To work out, especially to lift weights.

Mostly a California bro expression, brought into the public eye by Will Ferrell in "A Night at the Roxbury".
Doug: So...I guess we're on a break from work.

Steve: Uh, yeah, looks like it....

Doug: Wanna crunch it?

Steve nods purposefully and the two men strut off.
by Emili000000000000 April 11, 2016
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The act of becoming intoxicated; Getting drunk; being drunk
Damn dude I was so crunched last night I stole a street sign.
by jrm369 May 03, 2010
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some one who likes to crunch but or an exercise wear u clench your butocks together
gym instructer give me 20 but crunch you lazy fat bitch

lazy fat bitch runs for the door
by skateboard pleb August 12, 2006
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The crunch is that point when your really high and you feel as if your in another universe. There are 4 points of the crunch, the beginning of the crunch is when you feel as if your there, but you still have some sense of awareness, the crunch is just straight up amazing, but the edge of the crunch is when you start to trip out, and once you fall off of the crunch, your completely fucked.
"oh my word! the frenchman is definitely at the crunch right now"
by ze tickler August 29, 2011
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To feast upon croûtons that have been placed in your partner's anus.
I think me & Lars are gonna go crunching tonight.
by Lars Watson June 04, 2008
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A word you use to describe someone who is idiotic in all ways, shapes, or forms, without them knowing what it means.
“Trump MUST be a crunch, for looking at Melina as a sexy fetus when she came out of the womb, this man is 24 years older than her!!”
by sexychair July 12, 2019
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