To beat someone or something up very aggressively.
Imma crunch you fam.
If that guy got with my ex I would fucking crunch him.
by baddestbitch69 December 03, 2016
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a crunch: a cry-munch. Applies to those who eat their feelings. in times of anguish and upset those who reach for the crisps are crunching.
oh man, i was so depressed i just took a spoon to that pie and cried my eyes out, it was a total crunch fest
by _liv_ August 31, 2009
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Generally a female who finds herself doing stupid things. Her jokes and her actions are very outdated.
Damn Stephenie Reimer, you are a crunch.
by silkshow November 13, 2006
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A lesser known name for a nasty ass STD.
I just got The Crunch from that ratchet ass bitch. This shit blows, man. My ball sack is on FIRE.
by DuckyDoolittle August 07, 2014
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Spare motorcycle.
Derogatory term for diminutive small or tatty spare motorcycle used to stand in for a proper machine.
Common to owners of vintage British motorcycles. Assumed 'Crunch' refers to accident or broken down status.
'Brit' biker would be embarrassed seen riding small Japanese bike or 'Jap Crap'. Hence importance of term 'Crunch' to offer explanation for such odd behaviour as only due to being hard up whilst simultaneously affirming existence of other superior machine.
Honda stepthru C50/C90 or 'granny basher' is a typical. 'Crunch.'
'Hey, what's with the plastic crap?'
'Yeah, its my crunch, the old nail's in bits'
by propstand January 06, 2008
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