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"you better start doing some crunches if you wanna lose that pooch for the summer."
by bmoc November 09, 2003
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A person with such an overwhelming personality, it sucks the energy out of their peers.
"Kim, would you ever date that guy?"
"Nah Wang. He cute but he mad crunch doe."
by Mrs. 305 December 12, 2013
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The specific name for the Camden Munch, in London. Run and attended by fetishists/ rubberists/ kinksters of the finest order.
'I am looking forward to the Crunch this Friday, especially as it's Dolly's birthday - she'll be getting her kink on, no doubt!'
by Funkdup May 17, 2012
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When someone seems attractive from a far away distance or from the side, but when you look at them from the front or at a closer view, you realize they are in fact hideous. Derived from that moment when you go to step on a leaf thinking it's crunchy, but it doesn't crunch when you step on it. When used as an adjective, the proper word form is crunchy, as crunch is the noun form.
"Boy! I thought that guy was hella attractive when I saw him walking in the hallway. But when he actually passed me, I was severely disappointed. Whatta crunch!"

"She seemed attractive at first glance, but unfortunately, she was crunchy."
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by leafgals January 10, 2017
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v. crunched, crunch•ing, crunch•es
v. tr.
1. To crush, grind, or tread noisily while taking a Dump.
2. The act of taking a huge shit
3. Slang. To perform operations on; manipulate or process (numerical, mathematical or fecal data).

v. intr.
1. To move feces with a crushing sound.
2. To produce or emit a crushing sound during the act of shitting.

1. A modified sit-up position having a smaller range of motion that reduces back strain and strengthens the abdominal muscles when pushing out shit.
I just took a huge crunch, it almost knocked down a wall in the bathroom.

I need to stop eating so much cheese, I haven't had a good crunch in weeks.
by CaptCrunch December 18, 2003
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Another meaning for Cocaine. Or can be the action of doing cocaine. You can call your friend whoever does the most Crunchie Christ.
Got any crunch bro?
I'm trying to get crunched the fuck out tonight.
Line up a couple gaggers of some crunch
Got a jawn of crunch?
by Glology November 13, 2017
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When you eat a women out during your lunch break - You have cunt for lunch.
Guy: Dude, your breath smells of tuna.
Stud: I know, that's because I've just had some crunch.
by Superawesomefantastic August 05, 2011
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