to be a major tool, fag, queer

a cruncher is a person who wears hair gel cut off tshirts and flatbilled hats on backwords, and can always be found wearing oversized glasses.
brent, look at that cruncher, what a faggot. he thinks he's crunching but he's just gay.
by crunch hater 45 July 07, 2009
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theres a rough crunching seshion going down at fuell's....bbq with a side of keg stands.
by fuell December 01, 2005
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The act of putting cornflakes inside your foreskin and having a wank, then eat the now mixed cereal out of your foreskin. This is exclusive for europeans.
guy 1: Yo, you crunching later?
guy 2: of course bro! Its soooo good
by Jobama The Cumlord September 04, 2020
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