10 definitions by bmoc

describing someone who you would not hesitate to sleep with; gorgeous; irresitable
"that Denise is soooo tapmatic...I'd do her in a second!"
by bmoc November 20, 2003
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Waste material, especially fecal matter, that is expelled from the body after digestion.
by bmoc May 16, 2006
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what i am going to make in this dude's mouth for stating that the origin of "bears" is from South Park. Any respectable person is clearly aware of this and doesn't need to display their familiarity with the greatest and most intelligent show on television.
I am going to make my bears your bears by shitting in your mouth and confirming that you digest them.
by bmoc July 31, 2006
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my GAWD!!! would you look at the size of THOSE bombs!!
by bmoc November 15, 2003
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to watch over; be a lookout for
"stay by the window and keep six for any cops."
by bmoc November 6, 2003
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"you better start doing some crunches if you wanna lose that pooch for the summer."
by bmoc November 9, 2003
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