A period of time when credit is costly or difficult to obtain, usually both.
Chris : Alright mate, can you borrow me a score so I can buy some weed??

Jools : FFS man, dont you know we're in a credit crunch?!!
by jools222 June 11, 2008
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The best brand of cereal known to mankind, consisting of baked and toasted currency in yogurt wrapped clusters.
Ian: "Hey Jim, what you having for breakfast?"
Jim: "Oh Ian, I'm having some Credit Crunch!"
by Calum yiken? March 31, 2009
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Arnold Schwarzenegger: "As the govenator of California, I will try my best to get us through the credit crunch!"

Chuck Norris: I eat Credit Crunch for breakfast!
by Captain Corned Beef March 29, 2009
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A delicious and delightful cereal which will send your tastebuds to the moon. However, it is very expensive and costs pounds,pounds,pounds. Yes. Three pounds
Jak : " I'm hungry, what should we have for breakfast?"
Mom : " We're out of fuckin oreo's. We'll have to have some credit crunch!"
by J Dizzle foshizzle October 18, 2008
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They had to cancel their holiday - they've been credit crunched.
by monstermere January 15, 2009
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A high-fiber breakfast cereal eaten mainly by hedge fund speculators and derivatives traders. It's the real breakfast of champions.
I've just had a bowl of credit crunch - now I can sell short all day without stopping to eat!
by honkhiam April 28, 2010
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When a television network squeezes the ending credits of a show to a smaller section of the screen, in order to allow for network promos. The audio of the credits is usually cut out as well.
I wanted to hear the ending theme of that show, but I couldn't because of the damn credit crunch!
by Sir Veisaid October 12, 2006
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