Term used to describe current state of mind and body.
I was so tore last nite after i drank that 5th.

That joint had me tore that nite.
by Eckstahsee December 19, 2003
To be tore is to be ugly
also to be tore is to be Messed up as in high drunk
that bitch is tore up

Ryan "the lil" girl is tore up off that joint
by GimpIndo January 14, 2006
Typically a sweet and sometimes sassy person. Plenty of charisma with their fashion while other times won't care about what to wear. Generally, a very social and accepting person who knows to treat everyone with high hopes of good intent. Lastly, if you're close to one, make some effort to connect as it's a satisfying connection over time.
by ItsClassified June 4, 2017
The act of a male giving a deep tissue massage to another male un-expectingly. The male giving the massage then asks how the other male's day is going, small talk, etc. The massaged male then utters a series of grunts and moans.
Dude, look at Ed toring Richard. What a big gay!
by rabbitpuncher March 23, 2011
tored, t-o'red the emotional state, when a person is unable to decide whether s/he is tired or bored.
I have to do this f**king presentation, I am so tored.

I am so tored, I hangout on facebook the whole day
by Dr.D(PhD) January 23, 2014
an awesome person who knows all about fashion, friends, whats in and whats not, have a ton of friends, are very social and are the coolest people ever.
"Wow! She's cool! She's a Toree."
by Toree14 June 18, 2008