When someone seems attractive from a far away distance or from the side, but when you look at them from the front or at a closer view, you realize they are in fact hideous. Derived from that moment when you go to step on a leaf thinking it's crunchy, but it doesn't crunch when you step on it. When used as an adjective, the proper word form is crunchy, as crunch is the noun form.
"Boy! I thought that guy was hella attractive when I saw him walking in the hallway. But when he actually passed me, I was severely disappointed. Whatta crunch!"

"She seemed attractive at first glance, but unfortunately, she was crunchy."
by leafgals January 10, 2017
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The BEST candy bar made by Nestle.
It comes in a variety of favors like Buncha Crunch, White Crunch, Mini-Crunch, and the divine original Crunch.
by Squanto November 20, 2002
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A sex move where someone shoves their head up their partners ass, then thrashes their head against the wall, crushing their partners pelvis.
"Hey girl, wanna do The Crunch?"
by Hospital Bandit December 23, 2015
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when you're SO drunk that you pass out, throw up and generally get yourself into a mess. This is called going to the crunch. The crunch is the imaginary place where all this stuff happens.
dude, clare was so wasted last night, she got a one way tiket to the crunch
by wastedcrunch May 17, 2007
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