Cristian: Cristians are nice handsome caring funny good in bed guys that like football and soccer also tend to flirt a lot and be vary out going and Cuddled any time he get the chance he's well known by people and is vary scared about sharing his feelings and hides his true self sometimes when he is sad or not in the mood Cristians are also a good person to have as a friend they are very caring about what you do and who you are with and will never leave you and if u are his love he will always be there for you and will always make you smile when you are sad or mad
Dang have you seen that guy cristian I think he's cute

Cristian ur so caring and loving wow
by Cristian .r January 13, 2017
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Cristian has a really big cock, he is sexy asf too. This kid has the sexiest face and is getting head from 74 girls this year, he also likes soccer and football and is a god at siege
Wow I heard Cristian has a big cock

And he’s getting head from 74 other girls
by ImAGayNlGGA December 5, 2019
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One of the nicest and coolest guys I've ever met. He can be a douche, but he's a likeable one. He's going to be a total DILF and will be an amazing dad. He knows how to make you laugh loud enough to wake up your kid. Girls want him and guys want to be him. Did I also mention he's tall and handsome? Hes a great friend no matter the history you've had. And he looks great for a 70 year old.
"Dude that guy is a total Cristian."
by jabbathebutt1 June 18, 2016
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Basically the name Christian, but he's too swaggy for the H
Person 1: "Why doesn't Cristian have an H in his name?'
Person 2: "Because he's too swaggy for it."
by AyyLmaoo February 24, 2014
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Cristian is someone whois loved and has many friends, and a lot of girl friends but he is loyal to each one of them so if you ever meet one it's better if you get to know him cause he is wonderful.
"(Cristian)talks to this girl and after talking for a while the girl thinks cristian is the sweetest person to talk to".
by The most handsome kid November 24, 2016
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Cristians are known for their very oddly spelt name and are often made fun of for it. However they make up for it in many ways such as their sense of humor kindness and extremely large penis size.
Hey that "cristian" guy is a real jerk.

Yeah but his cock is really big so hes cool.
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Tall, tan, handsome.
With blue/(green)* eyes which sparkle in the light.
Who not only talks too much,
but listens.
He strives for perfection & lives for it.
He is all you need him to be,
And always will be!
Talented & honest,
young & beautiful.
"Cristian is lit! :)"
by TheC_19 December 20, 2016
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